The Teachings of Twins

So apparently looking after 18 month old twins while holding down a full time job doesn’t leave much time or brain space for writing a blog. Who knew?

I appreciate that you are probably shaking your head at my stupidity in not realising this blindingly obvious fact, so to prove I am capable of occasional intelligence, here are a few of the things that I have learnt in the last few months.

  • According to both A and R, who are now walking but like they are permanently milk-drunk, flapping your hands aids your balance. I tried it when actually drunk. Didn’t help.
  • You can learn a lot about people from how they react to a small boy offering them a well-chewed teddy. Those that recoil are not worth my time. Those that take the teddy, give it a gentle shake and then return it to the now beaming boy are my friends. Amazingly, this has led to me liking an estate agent.
  • Soft play counts as exercise.
  • There is limitless fun to be had from repeating the following activity: taking wooden blocks out of a box, putting wooden blocks in a box, pouring wooden blocks over your head when putting the box on as a hat, putting wooden blocks in a box.
  • Both my sons can dance better than me.

You see, I am learning all the time. Now I just need to learn to find time to write this blog.

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